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We bring the art to the cart.

The most important things are not things, so we’ll design experiences.
When you run an e-commerce business, your website is everything as an online shop would do much more. Donminio Digitals’ understands, and we want to help you create the best shopping experience possible for your customers. For this reason, we build custom e-commerce solutions to cater to your unique product line. We are experienced in handling complicated product types and those with high levels of personalization. Plus, we are highly skilled at e-commerce integrations to link all your systems for seamless order fulfillment.

E-commerce (An online store) offers a whole new wide range of opportunities for your business, some of which includes:

  • Your store is always on 24/7 i.e 24/7 Potential income
  • E-Commerce helps increase your customer base – it breaks the limitation barrier to a certain geographical area your business can service (people can access your online store regardless of where they are)
  • Speed and convenience for your customers – it is very easy to purchase goods and services over the internet. A very quick process as orders can be made in a relatively short period of time without them (your customers) having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices.
  • Easy to showcase your best selling and even new products to existing and potential customers
  • Easy to retarget or remarket to customers
  • You can easily gain access to Customer Data (e.g emails, addresses, phone numbers, customer’s name)– giving you different means of communicating and building a relationship with them.
  • You can process high number of orders with ease – With E-commerce, there’s no waiting time. A customer can place an order with no delay allowing you to accept a high number of orders.( As your business continues to grow, you might choose to hire employees to help with order processing tho)
  • It offers informations to customers– All given information is provided by vendors(you) so that customers finds it easy to purchase products with information and also to know more about the business(e.g about…services you offer e.t.c) and also
  • Minimal barriers to Entry– Any new or existing business can create and run a successful E-commerce website. The technology is in place for any business to embrace the internet and enjoy the many benefits e-Commerce offers.

Approach to E-Commerce Development

At Donminio, we want to help you create an engaging e-commerce experience for your customers that really showcases your unique products. To accomplish this, we will first work with you to complete a discovery phase centered around your buyer’s journey to get to know more about your customers. Then we’ll take a deep look at your product to understand your unique differentiators and determine if custom solutions like a product configurator would be a good fit for your ordering process and product line.

In addition, depending on your need, you can engage our team of UI/UX designers to create a customer-friendly, on-brand look and feel for your e-commerce website. Our Design team can also consult on your fulfillment strategy and skillfully create integrations between your ERP, CRM, and inventory management systems to keep business running efficiently.